a little about me

Welcome to my creative outlet. I'm Emily.

I'm a natural light, portrait photographer who recently moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

As a mother of two sweet boys one might assume I'm just another  "mom with a nice camera". And while I AM a mom and I DO have a nice camera,  I've worked in the industry far longer than I've been changing diapers. I had no idea that my own senior pictures would lead to the life long pursuit of a job I LOVE. 

I spent several years working for other established photographers before launching my own portrait business in 2012. I had grand visions of building a business and monopolizing the Ohio senior portrait market while simultaneously traveling the world with my husband who would inevitably quit his 8 to 5 to become my second shooter.

Cue reality checks. Baby #1 and Baby #2. 

Within three years I managed to launch a business with a name no one knew how to pronounce, birth our two precious sons and move to a town where I knew exactly two people outside my immediate family. It's been all kinds of crazy ... and all kinds of good. 

So here I am. A mom who spends most days rationing cheerios and building substandard train tracks while my husband oversees the production of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have a closet full of cute clothes and impractical shoes that rarely see the light of day, and Van Wert, Ohio is the closest I've been to Iceland (which I hear is every photographer's dream). 

BUT... I have a really nice camera....so... 


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